Restructuring loan – what is it exactly

The energy turnaround has already found its way into Germany, but real estate is still in need of renovation, especially in winter, when the windows are heated. For many, remedial measures involve taking out a loan or loan. This is not always easy in medium-sized companies. A renovation loan helps you to modernize your property, because a renovation loan can be subsidized by the state. Find out here how to get the best funding.


What exactly is a restructuring loan?

restructuring loan?

A renovation loan is one of the most promising options for financing in the middle class to overhaul his property and to implement energy saving measures. The restructuring loan runs through the MoneyAdvice development bank and is therefore subject to state funding. Cream Bank concentrates, among other things, on the financing of small and medium-sized companies and enables this through good loan conditions such as low interest rates. With the renovation loan, construction measures are carried out which are necessary for increasing the efficiency of a property. This also includes the building fabric. Small and medium-sized companies in particular have to struggle with this: the building structure is usually so old that it needs complete renovation.


How do you get the best funding?


As described above, funding for a restructuring loan is provided by Cream Bank, which enables loans to finance small and medium-sized companies. In order to receive a loan for funding, this must be applied for through a bank – the conditions are not determined by the bank, but by the Cream Bank. You should note that the more efficient your renovation afterwards, the lower your interest on the renovation loan. You will get the best conditions for your loan if, for example, you have increased the energy efficiency after the renovation so that it corresponds to a new building.

If this is the case, a subsidy for the repayment of the loan can be added to the favorable interest rate. These support measures benefit in particular the financing of medium-sized companies. If you make full use of the full funding, you save not only on the loan itself, but also after the renovation, since energy costs will decrease and the value of your property increases.


The best financing for SMEs is sustainability

The best financing for SMEs is sustainability

Rising prices are causing more and more people to renovate their property. Financing via a renovation loan is particularly popular with medium-sized companies. The conversion will bring energy-saving measures, such as wall insulation or alternative heat treatment, to bear. The renovation loan is sustainable and one of the best options for sustainability, especially for financing in medium-sized companies.

Useful grants are awarded to small and medium-sized companies to enable them to renovate. A renovation loan can bring considerable benefits to financing for small and medium-sized businesses if one exploits its full potential. Your coaches know the best options for financing and help you to get a clever restructuring loan that is almost self-financing.

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