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The dream of having your own four walls is one of the most beautiful in life. With affordable construction finance, it can often be fulfilled in a pleasingly short time. The prerequisite for this is a partner who precisely analyzes individual requirements and wishes and develops a tailor-made financing solution. Thanks to independence from banks and solid comparison options, tailor-made offers can be determined particularly precisely. HypeSavings stands for sound and affordable building finance in the Stuttgart area. Here you will learn more about us.


Independence is essential

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Imagine that you go to your house bank (or any other credit institution) and ask for cheap mortgage lending. The consultants will of course recommend a product there that comes from their own house. The comparison option, which can only present you with the most promising offers, is completely left out.

That is why Hype Savings relies on the independent comparison as the be- all and end-all of building finance, which really has exactly the right conditions to offer. For this reason, we compare the conditions of different banks in your favor and are not obliged to any credit institution. So we can offer you the really affordable mortgage loan, which you will be satisfied with in the long term, because it is based on your current needs.


Finance flexibly

A cheap mortgage is not always the one that offers you the best building rates. Especially in today’s time, when the key interest rate of 0 percent creates favorable conditions for construction projects, other factors are also important. Criteria that should be included in the evaluation of a mortgage are the term, the amount of the installment and personal wishes that you make of your mortgage. For example, you might want a model that gives you the option of special repayments or that is compatible with a planned debt restructuring. You can already see from these examples: Financing is always something individual and should be designed by a consultant with a high level of expertise and experience.


Always plan any expenses

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A cheap mortgage is not the one that leaves you in the scope for unexpected expenses like the defective washing machine every month. It is also not the financing that no longer gives you any leisure value because iron saving is the order of the day. Home finance is ideal if you can still repay it comfortably and the loan does not give you a stomachache. Together we will calculate what the cheap mortgage financing looks like in your case. Keep in mind that mortgage lending is long, and it’s not always easy to predict.


Experience professional and personal advice

Experience professional and personal advice

HypeSavings leaves no question unanswered on the topic of “affordable mortgage lending”. We analyze your needs, solve problems, clarify eventualities and create the basis on which you can build your building finance. In principle, home finance is the monetary foundation of your home. Stability and load-bearing capacity are therefore the most important criteria.

Talk to us if you need cheap building finance in the Stuttgart area. We advise you independently and without obligation. Just give us a call or send us an email so that we can reserve your desired date and take a lot of time for you. We look forward to your successful construction project and are happy to make our contribution!

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